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Nilly's Firefly Reviews

Serenity (Series Pilot)
Train Job
Our Mrs. Reynolds
Out Of Gas
War Stories
The Message
Heart Of Gold
Objects In Space

Serenity (Movie)

Please excuse the mess, under reconstruction, January 2007- We hope to restore full function and quotes, soon.

Tim Minear told Nilly that he had read her review posts on the Buffistas board, and that it "means a thing that it means a thing" to her. Hence, the name of the Nilly Review site.

You will see a list of Firefly episode titles on the left side of the screen. They lead to Nilly's stream-of-consciousness reviews/remarks about each episode.

These were originally posted on the board, where they gathered a sort of mini-fandom among Buffista Browncoats.

Nilly is an Israeli person who claims to have learned all her English American from the posting boards. Have fun reading the reviews.

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